Who are the Philadelphia Sisters?

We are…

  • An order of (predominantly) queer and trans identified nuns, brothers and others, dedicated to the expiation of Stigmatic Guilt and the promulgation of Universal Joy.

  • A Pennsylvania 501c3 nonprofit organization, committed to public service through works of education, fundraising and activism.

  • A collective of creative, motivated Philadelphians who wish to see a city, nation and world free of stigma, bigotry and hatred.

What do the Philadelphia Sisters do?


  • Distribute information on STI risk-reduction, consent and where to find free STI testing and sliding-scale medical services in Philadelphia.

  • Providing fundraising support and grants to organizations and projects that support our local LGBTQIA+ and multiply marginalized communities.

  • Raise awareness of issues that affect our communities by providing a visible presence at protests, rallies and community events.

Our Mission: "The Philadelphia Sisters - House of Otherly Love are a service organization dedicated to bettering the lives of gender and sexual minorities and multiply marginalized communities through education, fundraising and activism, while spreading mischief, glitter, and joy throughout Philadelphia"

Our Sistory in Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Sisters came in to being on June 26th, 2018 with our first meeting at the Saxby's coffeehouse in University City, which was followed by our first public manifestation at the Families Belong Together Rally at Logan Square later that month.We incorporated as a non-profit corporation in March of 2019, and received our 501c3 status in June of that year.

Our Values

In November of 2018 we identified the 5 core values that shape our Mission and Vision:

  • Intersectionality - We center multiply marginalized communities in our work.
  • Service - We serve our communities through education and fundraising while spreading Joy, mischief and glitter.
  • Activism - We believe in direct political action and are active accomplices to the communities we support.
  • Communication - We strive for conscious, open and ongoing communication within our organization and with the communities we represent and serve.
  • Joy - All of our actions are rooted in the joyous celebration of otherly love and loving the other.

If you'd like to learn more about our organization or see how we put our values into action, our General Membership Meetings are open to the public. Please check our facebook events for more information!