Donations and Financial Transparency

We are dedicated to financial transparency in our holding of funds in trust for the communities of Philadelphia. Because of this, we believe that all of those who support our mission with their financial contributions are entitled to direct their funds in the manner they see most fit.

Operations Fund

Donations to our operations fund go towards the everyday expenses of running our organization, such as fees and costs associated with being a 501c3 nonprofit, website expenses, office supplies, accounting and bookkeeping. Excess operations funding may be moved to the Public Benefit fund. (Please note that all of our habits, makeup and transportation costs are paid for by our membership.)
to the Operations Fund

Public Benefit and Grant Fund

All donations to our public benefit fund go directly to other organizations and projects that benefit gender and sexual minorities and the multiply marginalized, or towards costs associated with fundraisers and other endeavors that further increase the fund.
to the Public Benefit and Grant Fund